Sunday, July 24, 2016

Ebb and Flow...

It plays its ways
To a new generation
Unseen as the wind,
It leaves its mark
Time is a tide;
A seamless succession
Of birth and death
And light and dark

…it splays in days;
Tips trays of wonder
Green-kissed frost
And mauve-mist dale
Seasons salted
With swift splendor
Gift to earth
From heaven’s grail

…always waking,
Taking, leaving
Laughter, grief;
Time’s ebb and flow
Courses; forces
Through our being
An eternal
Letting go

© Janet Martin

This is another Matter of Time poem. 
After going to the same cottage for vacation year after year,
sitting at the end of the same dock year after year, 
becoming keenly aware of how much changes year after year,
in spite of what remains the same year after year,
the matter of time can take the idle, summer-sunset-intoxicated mind on quite a stroll!


  1. Good times, great memories! That photo of the dock should be in a calendar. What a lovely family!

    1. Thank-you Jen:) good times and great memories indeed made all the more precious by haste of seasons!
      Sometimes a photo impacts 'mother' all the more with the realization that her 'children' are not children anymore!!


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