Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Count your Miracles Today

“He is wooing you from the jaws of distress to a spacious place free from restriction, to the comfort of your table laden with choice food.  
Count your miracles today
Feel them when you bow to pray
How a word whispered to God
Transports sky and sea and sod
To the very ear of He
Who is Immortality

Count your miracles, oh my
See how morning meets the eye
Melts the dark with crimson-gold
Arc of time caught in its hold
Where the feet of man and beast
Leap, lag, dance, north-south, west-east

Count your miracles, my love
Time is such a sacred trove
Hellos-farewells interlace
Overflowing with God’s grace
Happiness, heartache, death-birth
Keens the fathoms of the earth

Arms for hugging, lips for kiss 
Hands to hold and hearts to miss
Dreams to reach and dust to tread,
God beneath and overhead
Bids us sally forth and brave
This which leads us through the grave

Count your miracles, inhale
Every breath, a Holy Grail
Count your miracles, my dear
What we see-smell-taste-touch-hear
Oh, what wonders we will tell
Every day a miracle

© Janet Martin

Stumped when it comes to looking for your own miracles? 
Walt Whitman offers a few suggestions today at YDP.


  1. "Hands to hold and hearts to miss"

    So good.

    1. Hi :) and thank-you.
      Just can't get enough of summer-miracles! I'm in the middle of some flower-garden rearranging. I hope I won't regret it!

    2. I'm sure you and the flowers will do great!
      I want to do some flower-bed rearranging as well, in autumn.

    3. Autumn is the ideal time to do it. I better remember that before I get too rambunctious;-).
      The corner store had 1/2 price hydrangea on sale so that is what got it all started! Now I better remember to water them faithfully because we are HOT and dry again!

    4. Hydrangea's on my list of things to add to the garden :) I have to hold my horses until autumn: way too hot where I am to plant anything now.

    5. ;-) our HOT is likely cool for you! we are between 85 and 90F today but will cool to mid-70's for the next week or so after Fri. Time will tell if those flowers are a good deal or money down the drain...

  2. p.s. 'hands to hold and hearts to miss' is inspired by the tender awareness that we NEVER know how long our time together is...tonight we are going to a visitation for a friend's son(she is the secretary at hubby's work). He passed away suddenly on the week-end at age 38. This is the second son she has lost suddenly. My heart breaks for her and her family! Prayers appreciated, I am sure!

    1. That's a terrible thing. Poor woman.
      Hope her faith, and people surrounding her, will help her cope.

    2. yes! me too! This son still lived at home with them so his absence will be keenly felt!


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