Monday, November 16, 2015

Where Does The Time Go?

Try as we might
We cannot fight
The fast-forward of tick and tock
This breathing space
Of grace-to-grace
Can siphon hours from a clock
Where suddenly
We turn to see
Another year quite nearly done
The pockets of
Its live-laugh-love
Emptied into …where Time has gone

Where is the sphere
Of yesteryear?
From where to where do seasons flow?
Is there a land
Of silver sand
Hinged to a sea of long ago?
And is its sky
The 'my-oh-my'
That time has gathered through the years
From those of us
Who gaze and fuss
At 'oh, how fast time disappears'

© Janet Martin

We were at another 50th birthday celebration today,
and for lack of anything better to say to friends
we don't see nearly often enough,
We say 'it's been a long time,
but my, how that time flew'

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