Saturday, November 14, 2015

Transcendent Trio

Tested by murderous masses
That fear and hate approve
We cling to God’s sure promises
Of faith and hope and love

Ah, who of us could prosper long
Should these three cease to be?
Faith, hope and love, a steadfast song
To comfort misery

For faith is more than hapless laud
To hope, more than a whim
Love overflows the heart of God
And draws man close to Him

As long as human-race exists
Wars will not cease to be
Faith, hope and love the bond betwixt
God and humanity

Then, though loathe demons beat the air
And bare their darkened threats
They cannot snuff transcendent prayer
That Faith-hope -love begets

© Janet Martin

Our tongues are tied with grief as stories and images from Paris hit the air-waves...
so we shape our wordless sorrow into prayer

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