Monday, November 2, 2015

Today's Enterprise

Because we share vehicles I often drive Jim to work then pick him up when he returns at the end of the week...this morning is picture-perfect!


Tomorrow I hope today will be
A want-to-keep-it memory
A live-learn-love-and-laughter lilt
Soft-etched in thought’s gossamer gilt

After the moments of Today
Have let their course and slipped away
I hope what’s left of it will be
A want-to-save-it memory

© Janet Martin

Yesterday's Memory is a mixture of live-learn-love-laughter.
Lots of laughter and love when we went to visit Mom on her 73rd birthday,
some learning as I dealt with frustrations of an old van
that kept shutting off in the morning and I couldn't 'make it to the church on time';-)
but then hubby called and told me to let it run for a while and come and pick him up at work
so I let it warm up for a while then it ran just fine...g-r-r-r-r!! I know something's wrong with it
but I don't know enough about engines to know what!!!

Nov. PAD Challenge day one; Write a Day After poem.


  1. Autumn around these parts have been just scrumptious this year. And every day there was something lovely to soak in. Your photo is such a lovely glimpse of this wondrous season. I'm so grateful for colour!

    I love your thought about having days with 'want-to-keep' memories. Yes.

    1. oh, here as well. This week sounds like another stunner! I'm so grateful for color. There is something super-soulful in the waning of it as well!

      Thank-you for your visit and thoughts!

  2. Nice to have a picture perfect morning on the heels of a Grrrr one - and also nice to have a patient guy that knows things!
    I enjoyed the rhythm of your compound adjectives - like dance steps between the moments of your day.

    1. Thank-you:) Yes, I admit up front I know NOTHING when it comes to mechanics...I won't regale you with the details :) We do appreciate when things go well after those not-so-well bits.

      Thank-you for for enjoying:)


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