Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Talking About What We Do With What We Touch or What It Does With Us

PAD Challenge Day 10;Today is a Tuesday, which means it’s a Two-for-Tuesday prompt day.
For today’s prompt, here are your two options:
  1. Write a Technology Poem.
  2. Write an Anti-Technology Poem.


Over-indulgence in any Thing
Results in adverse side-effects
A Thing is not good or evil, child
But becomes what we do with it

Because we are born, creatures of choice
We must learn to master our loves
And to say ‘no’ with resolute voice
Or ‘loves’ in turn will master us

…for we are all prone to some sort of temptation
Be it phones or many a sundry vice
We must learn the art of moderation
Or be prepared to pay the price

© Janet Martin


She scrolls through 
and misses the life
She could have had

Smart phones
have the impetus
to strip the 
right out of us


"Look mommy, 
look at me",
cried the wee girl
on her bike
as mommy scanned
the Thing in her hand
and clicked another


for all its worth
Ought not replace the green
of Life; 
the thing that happens
Anywhere but on a screen 


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