Saturday, November 28, 2015

Some Things Never Change

pic later...

Sometimes life’s grit and grin
Where joy and grief ally
Astounds our thought with what is not
As mystic veils begin to thin
 A grail of ashes poured within
Like tinder to a sigh

Somewhere we start to see
How swift seasons deplete
Sunset, sunrise, hellos, good-byes
Startle with sudden clarity
This Thing we call Mortality
Its sorrow bittersweet

‘Someday’ slips through the air
Its ‘When’ and ‘Where’ disguised
As Work and Play in The Today
That comes fully equipped with care
Stripping a dripping thoroughfare
That leaves us so surprised

© Janet Martin

While I was helping Emily paint this week I listened to all her 'someday' plans;-) 
What a vast threshold is youth, still un-surprised.

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