Friday, November 13, 2015

Of Once-upon-a-Place...

PAD Challenge day 13:For today’s prompt, write a memory poem.

 (This poem will inspire in each reader a purely personal picture:)
Here is a blip of my October-memories

There is a phantom place
Where, time and time again
We wander to embrace
A fragmented refrain
For nevermore in full
Can we its tenure touch
As Past’s incessant pull
Peels pictures from our clutch

The best and worst of days
Succumb; becoming naught
But gossamer gold-grays
In the landscape of thought
Where time and time again
We travel, misty-eyed
To what could not remain
Too long on life-song’s tide

The poems Past imparts
Need no interpreter
They rush our heart of hearts
In a bittersweet blur
Of once-upon-a-place
That nevermore will be
Save in thought’s soft embrace
Of this; a memory

© Janet Martin

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