Thursday, November 12, 2015

November's Noon

Gone, the gilded tress
...summer's afterglow
Stark against November-ness
Nature waits for snow

Gone the afternoon
Sailing sylvan seas
Now a low and brooding tune
Strums gray eulogies 

Plucked, each blushing bloom
Drained, each budded stem
November, a cheerless tomb
In death's diadem

 Gone the giddy grin
Of each garden-lass
November pours rain and wind
From a broken glass

November is howling today...
Giddy-up horsey and hurry to town!

...and so he did! (a few hrs. later:)

© Janet Martin


  1. Our autumn colors usually arrive by the first week of December. Looking forward to it.

  2. The gilded tresses may be gone but there is still that golden photo to sigh over. "Lovely beyond any singing of it."


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