Thursday, November 19, 2015

November Lullaby

Now etched on twilight’s slumb’ring sigh
November croons a lullaby
In hues of blues and blushing gray
It tucks the little day away

Goodnight, noon’s bustling boulevard
Sleep tight, earth’s silver-white post-card
And hush-a-bye, wee girl and boy
Clear-calm thy sea of dreams, ahoy

Now weeps the wandering wind, alone
Like vagabond without a home
He shakes November’s naked bough
And sweetens home-sweet-home somehow

Goodnight, sage cot of bud and bloom
Sleep tight, daydreamer's living-room
And hush-a-bye, leaf-swaddled dell
Earth slips into the sky... Farewell,

© Janet Martin

Somehow, when November’s wind rattles at windows and doors
I am reminded of all the simple things I’m thankful for.

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