Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Fall-Dusk Doggerel

Half-moon hangs high in time’s five o’ clock heaven
Blue noon wanes, drains its sky-pitcher of gold
Blush hush descends and befriends estranged meadows
God tips decanters, rose rivers unfold

Laughter threads rafters; happy hearts head homeward
Ho-hum-de-dum, one more week in Time’s book
Daylight and darkness dance, death’s tender tango
Snuffs beaming skies and laugh-lines in the brook

Deeper and deeper night’s sea-shadow surges
Over yon verges fond dusk-dirges weep
Gathering into the slumber of ages
Night's newborn sages of Bygone to keep

Half-moon hangs high beneath sky-studded diamonds
Rush-hour red and gold threads the freeway
Blush hush dissolves as day falls to oblivion
All the worlds’ colors are ebony-gray

© Janet Martin

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