Friday, November 13, 2015

Love-letter to the Lowering Dark...

I’ll take the kind entanglement of heartstrings caught on sad good-byes
Where daylight drains its elements of laughter into sleepy sighs
And oft, I, rendered speechless by the happiness of simple things
Could never dare to spurn the payoff that the beauty of love brings

I’ll take the tender torture of what is no more because it was
And I will double-dare the dark to draw thought-pictures on its gauze
The laws of love are double-edged and I am often caught off guard
At tug-of-heart by silvered-sedge or leaves strewn on dusk’s still-life yard

But I’ll take the entanglement of heartstrings caught on friendly, fond farewells
Humbled and honored by how life’s most simple things ring glory-bells
And oft, I, quite inept at shaping thought into exacting word
Must satisfy my gaping mouth to stutter this, ‘I thank You, Lord'

© Janet Martin

Thoughts and prayers with those in Paris...


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