Monday, November 9, 2015


PAD Challenge day 8:For today’s prompt, write a submerged poem. 

One can get lost in thought; submerged by sadness of regret
A surge of years converging like oceans inside a head 
Echoes can be like shrapnel in a wound that will not heal
And it is easy to get lost in the cost of appeal

Time is a fine tap-dancer with quick feet of silk and steel
A cool, cut-throat romancer who cares little how we feel
Darling, if wishes were kisses then we would drown, I guess
Caught in a riptide of regret, hunger and loneliness

But we cannot afford a stone-cold sinking in despair
Because we let regret be like a noose about our prayer
Darling, how will we move on if we cling to yesterday
Imbibed on brew of wish-I-knew and what-I-threw-away?

Once upon our learning we did little to appease
The Point of No Returning that slipped through our touch with ease
...One can get lost in thought, submerged by sadness and regret
But for Today; a lifeline held by God who's faithful yet

 Janet Martin

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