Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Let's Love Large...

PAD Challenge day 24: For experienced PAD challengers, today’s final “Two for Tuesday” prompt was likely easy to guess:
  1. Write a love poem.
  2. Write an anti-love poem.

Let’s love large
In touch, prayer and smiles
Let’s lose all count
Of its second miles

Let’s love big
In unnumbered small ways
For love has no end
And love never fails

So, let’s choose love
Let its give-and-forgive
Reflect God
Through a love that we live

Let's let love
Be Our Charge
And through small ways
Let's love large

© Janet Martin

How many small ways can we love large today? 
Hold a door, smile, buy a Tim-card (Coffee-card)and surprise someone,
pray like we mean it, call your mother, drop by someone lonely for a visit,
add an extra I-love-you-touch to dinner... (candles or a pretty centerpiece,)
Listen when someone else is talking, 
Let's love til it becomes a way of life:)
It's as simple (or hard) as reaching beyond ourselves to cheer someone else.

Here is a humorous 'love bears all things' story from BJ.
(I printed it out for my parent's Christmas card because I know they can relate...;-)


  1. What a sweet poem...you are talented. I could never write like that....
    Hahaa on the sending a copy of my FLOWER vs FLOUR post to your mama an MIL..be SURE to include "THE WOMEN OF A CERTAIN AGE"....I'm sure they can relate...LOL
    Gosh...ain't life grand !!

  2. as long as we can keep a sense of humor life is grand.

    I will include the title.
    My dad got hearing aids a little while ago and they have had some humorous misunderstandings as well:)

    Thank-you again for the laughter you allow us;-))


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