Saturday, November 21, 2015

If We Could See...

Pigs are not patient creatures. When they want something they squeal, loudly! 
As the rush of Christmas season begins, let's treat each other not only with treats and sweets but with human-kindness, 'kay? 

If we could see beneath the skin
That veils the grail cradled within
If we could see we would begin
To understand and realize
How very much alike we are
For want and need, though oft they spar
Are common ground of human heart
That spills in tears, in smiles and sighs

Ah, we would not be strangers then
As we purvey the plight of men
For we are born brothers with yen
To love and to be loved
And we all want a hand to hold
Home-fires when the night is cold
Hope to cling to as we grow old
And to be understood

If we could see beyond the sigh
That slips into Time’s kindred sky
Then we would find that you and I
Are commonly designed
...and in each heart of humanness
Trembles the want for happiness
Thus we should seek with humbleness
To be patient and kind

© Janet Martin

Yesterday, at every single stop I made while running errands, it seemed to require an added amount of patience, to simply stand and wait...and wait while check-out problems were sorted out, while the cashier waited and waited for someone to help him/ her...
 The busy Christmas season approaches. Let's remember to be patient and kind 'cause NOBODY likes to be snapped at.


  1. "Commonly designed" ... that phrase jumped out. I love it. For whatever reason, I tend to always find phrases that I think would make great book titles. In my 'umble opinion, I think I'd be drawn to a book with such a title as "Commonly Designed, A Story of Seeking, Hoping and Finding". Would you?

    I love your piggy posin' photo. He looks a happy fellow.

    Sending smiles and thanks for adding something wonderful to my day.

    1. The piggy posed for me at a farm we visited with the little guy I babysit. It was a nursery-school class field trip.

      I love that book title! Will you write the book?:)

  2. Patience and kindness...I really want to have more of these. Beautifully put truths about how similar we all are, Janet.

    Also, I plan to do most of my Christmas shopping online this year. ;-)

    1. Jen, that sounds like a great idea:) My daughter and I were at a super-store today beginning with Wal...and this type of store requires tons of patience. The man at the photo counter stated wryly after waiting for a while for someone to help him(a someone that never showed up) that this is Wal****', after all...the place where people wait on people to wait on them!!
      Yesterday the fellow, also at a store by the same name stated that 'this is the place where we work harder, not smarter';-))


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