Monday, November 30, 2015

Hope Is...

 Crank it up and praise Him!

There’s no right thinking apart from really thanking.
   A Holy Experience post by Ann Voskamp

Lord, let us learn to live a humble song of gratitude
Not by the What but through The Whom whereby hope is renewed
And let us not grow weary in well-doing for we know
That it is not through our power but Your grace, we go

Lord, let us learn to love in truth, and glorify the Name
That saves us from the curse of death, whereby we justly came
Hope, once a Sacred Stranger, suffered earth's vile dust of dross
His birthplace was a manger and His death-place was a cross

Lord, even in forgetfulness help us remember this;
Though fear and horror have their way, Lord, where You are Hope IS
Then let hope's thankfulness to You imbue each day we live
Lord, let us learn to be the love that only You can give

 Janet Martin

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