Monday, November 23, 2015

Hath Winter Then a Heart of Tenderness

Whenever I try to cup the wonder
of first-snowfall into verse,
they echo sentiments penned a few years ago...
here is a tweaked re-run.

Hath winter then a heart of tenderness
For landscapes clad in rags of brown and gray?
Where farewell and arrival coalesce
…Winter spills forth as autumn slips away
She touches with redemption-tinted garb
The stricken aftermath of summer cheer
Her sugar-coated kisses soothe the yard
Where yesterday it suffered autumn’s tear
And where the wanton field lay naked, bare
She wreaths its frond and furrow with the gleam
Of diamonds fit to garnish angel’s hair
Tucking to earth the farmer’s finished dream
Granting a gilded respite to his care
  Spilling from sky a snowflake-choir requiem
Tis right to entertain both joy and grief
This season; the portent of hope and fear
Where we embark anew, the shoal, the sheaf
Of garnered days melded to bygone year
Like gathered harvest, seed then deed is wrought
Preserved beyond the elements of time
Its echoes tune the pastures of our thought
Where longing and fulfillment toll their chime
And now a gracious sheath of purity
Embellishes the dull and stricken plain
A mother with compassion’s sympathy
Blankets the grim reminders of our pain
Drawing our eyes to present mystery
History sleeps; to linger there is vain
Hath winter then a heart of tenderness?
White snow covers a year of scarlet tears
The barren bough reaches for her caress
The heart reaches beyond past hurt and fears
To offerings of hope and happiness
Unblemished; yet again a gift of grace
Ignores our monuments of selfishness
Where we have scathed and scarred her virgin face
With sordid sins of foolish fantasies
Time’s vault will not exhume our leaps of woe
But gently leads us from these agonies
Across a threshold unmarred as fresh snow
Granting to us but this; our memories
 To keep the good then let the remnant go  
Janet Martin~ 

Winter wanders in
wearing a white bridal gown
earth carries her veil

On Saturday night the snow came in fat pillow-y piles...

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