Friday, November 6, 2015

Given Time...


That riot of russet-bronze-red is stripped
The wind, a rogue; rowdy, steel finger-tipped
Those honeyed afternoons we stirred and sipped
Like tea, have drained their sunny, sylvan seas
From windowed walls we watch Fall’s tears run wild
They roar across the corpse of summer’s child
No more a lady-love, soft-gloved and mild
But like a train that thunders through palled trees

These skeletons that once crooned lullabies
And blurred life's lazy day with sleepy sighs
Stand rigid beneath brooding, frigid skies
Like naked minstrels waiting for their cue
The banter of a buxom, blue-eyed breeze
The baton that birthed bonny melodies
Have turned to frosted farewell eulogies
We empathize; we feel Time’s swindling too

It growls and howls in every crease and crack
A hungry predator primed for attack
We draw the knitted shawl across our backs
For we have learned that what must come will pass
And given Time the swindler will restore
To hulls culled by its hand, hope’s repertoire
And all the earth will laugh with leaves once more
Our cups refilled with mint and sassafras

© Janet Martin 

After the storm roared through a sudden lull ensued...
We are left to pick up the pieces, mostly branches though
I pulled the trampoline out of the apple tree...
and the neighbor's coverall is stripped!


  1. I know it isn't funny, but it sounds funny; that bit about pulling the trampoline out of the apple tree. Just so long as you aren't pulling it off the roof or out of the silo. We are experiencing that weather now.

    1. ;-)) it is lying feet up in the back-yard waiting to be taken apart...thank goodness cause we're having another brawl blow through today as well!


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