Friday, November 27, 2015

Dealing With Life

PAD Challenge day 27: For today’s prompt, write a leftovers poem.

Today is for looking after leftovers! 
Because I spent most days this week at my daughter's house painting, I feel bombarded by leftovers this morning...leftover laundry, leftover tea, leftover clutter, clutter, clutter of everyday life...
I can't help wishing there was a bit of left-over turkey;-)
Happy Thanks-Giving Day (no, not belated) because we ought to give thanks every day!

We work with what remains of what we had
The lurking Imminence of what will be
Does not deter from our touch the thread
That weaves, with what we have, a memory
Yesterday’s leftovers begin Today
My, my, how often we forget this truth
How some things never really go away
Cause and effect is fearless and uncouth
…and though the night washes the day with stars
It does not sever it from morrow’s bars

We work with what remains of what we held
This common bond binds all humanity
How soft and subtle supple moments meld
What ‘once we held’ into a legacy
Ah, pray that what we leave behind is kind
Then morning will not seem so destitute
If we keep this one paradox in mind
We cannot trade our portion of past's fruit
Time’s forward-flow is like a farmer’s field
Where what we sow will surely bear its yield

We work with what remains, but this firm rod
Is not a curse; morning’s unmarred refrain
Is like a mercy-gift from gracious God
And it is not too late to try again
The leftovers imposed upon our gaze
Can be transformed; this ephemeral string
Is not bound to misfortune’s ruthless ways
But is that Thing of Hope to which we cling
We work with what remains and as what we do
The grace of God will guide and love us through

© Janet Martin


  1. A great photo collage ... and I get caught at the line from your poem ... yesterday’s leftovers begin today. Some leftovers are yummy, others are not so much -- depends how delicious the original meal was in the first place, or if it was a favourite or not. There's lots to think about in that line.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend, Janet!

    1. Thank-you:) I knew procrastination in a few corners made my 'plate' of leftovers more unappealing than it needed to be. Hopefully I can get up a post of tidier and more polished pics soon!

      It looks like a great week-end here!


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