Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Irrevocable...Two-for-two Tues.

“We are talking about God. 
What wonder is it that you do not understand? 
If you do understand, then it is not God.”

– St. Augustine

Sometimes we stand on time's little blue dot 
Surrounded by eons of stars
and dare to point fingers at Almighty God
because of life's sorrow and scars 
While He wears the nails prints and offers His grace
to pay our sin-debt in full
While He with infinite love for human race
pours morning into night's dark hull
While He fills the seed and provides for our need
While He tunes the tides of the air
While He sends the rain
and then sunshine again
And tends to the answers of prayer
with ceaseless compassion; sometimes we forget
and draw a cold dividing line
between we and He who is faithful yet
even while we doubt, or pine
gorging on good and craving what is not
Thinking we know what we deserve
Sometimes we stand on time's little blue dot
Forgetful of God and His love
...but still He is near
we cannot commandeer
with our thought
His Amen
Nothing can separate us from His love
We are His precious

Janet Martin~

PAD challenge day 3: two-for-two Tues.
  1. Write a Divided Poem
  2. Write a United Poem.

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  1. Carl Sagan's eloquent but hopeless statements in his book "Pale Blue Dot" stand in stark contrast to your hope-filled poem. "We are such little men when the stars come out..."


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