Thursday, November 5, 2015

Autumn Aria

Autumn is a tree undressed
Russet-dripping thoroughfare
Tart and sweetness coalesced
In the presses of the air

Autumn is an apple squeezed
Amber acquiescence soft-snared
In a cup, like memories
Vintage nectar, sipped and shared

Autumn is laughter revered
As we sense earth’s raw decline
In moment-ranks commandeered
By Authority divine

Autumn is a gold-rush quelled
Bronze and brittle lullaby
Summer’s sylvan sally felled
‘neath the sickle of the sky

Autumn; nature lingering
Like a mother over child
Kissed and tucked to bed ‘til spring
While Her tender tears run wild

© Janet Martin

PAD Challenge day 5: write a festive poem

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