Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Simple Case of Keeping On...

Words are a chariot; they bring us together
Words are a weapon; they drive us apart
Darling, words bind us and oh, words can sever
But never untether the strings of the heart

Tell me with nothing but touch what you’re thinking
Darling, sometimes it seems words miss their mark
Write me a poem that needs no rehearsing
Where wordless whispers are lost to the dark

We’ve been together with eons between us
We’ve been apart in a heart-to-heart dance
Darling, no matter what happens; we’ve been ‘us’
Far too long to give ‘giving up’ a chance

© Janet Martin

PAD day 3 prompt, 2-for-Tuesday prompt.  pick one prompt to follow, do both separately, or combine into one prompt.
  1. Write a United Poem.
  2. Write a Divided Poem.

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