Monday, November 9, 2015

A Live-Laugh-Love-Home

Give me a home that’s lived in
A this-is-our-space
A mess-and-happiness affair
A put-your-feet-up place

Give me a home that’s laughed in
In spite of spills and ills
For oh, the home that’s laughed in
For all life lacks, fulfills

Give me a home that’s loved in
A humble thoroughfare
Of work-play-faith-forgiveness
And comfort for life’s care

Give me a home, though modest
To the cold Critic’s eye
Where live-laugh-love enjoys a wealth
That money cannot buy

© Janet Martin

My friend and I were discussing how Mess seems unavoidable in a very-lived-in home, but we agreed we choose messy and happy to sterile and still...
(although Tidying/organizing now and again is essential to maintaining order which helps to maintain happiness;-)


  1. Lovely! You have a wonderful home, Janet.

    I wish I had your efficiency with tidying/organizing - my Mess has no respect for me no matter how hard I try to show her who's boss :-)

    1. I am laughing partly due to ' my Mess has no respect for me no matter how hard I try to show her who's boss :-) and partly because I feel the same way!! But messes are the signature of a living life, right?!

      I was going to work at a BIG one today, the basement...but its sunny... and hubby just called and asked me to run a few errands for him so...that's the way the messes stay;-)

    2. What gets to me is the STUFF (hint - not mine) that's being left everywhere, the never ending 'picking up/putting where it belongs' - makes it so hard to clean when you cannot find the floor!

      But my rant aside, I embrace the mess of life :-)

      Enjoy the sun!

    3. me too! never-ever ending!!!!! and mine is a loving lament too;-)

      Still, I repeat what I've told them MANY times, 'M' stands for Mother not Maid:))

  2. If I had it to do over again, I would be less up-tight about the mess when the kids were small. And then again, who am I trying to kid? I am a neat freak for a reason. But there are some things I would do differently. Honestly.

    1. :) me too! oh, me too, to everything you said. All we can do is try to learn from the past as we move forward:)


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