Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Maybe, when you heard the edge in my voice
Then you ran out and slammed the door
Maybe you were thinking, dear
I don’t love you anymore…

Maybe because I didn’t reply
When your words seemed a little strong
Maybe you thought my love would die…
…and maybe you were wrong

Just because a flower dies
Does not mean hope is done
And just because I close my eyes
Does not mean love is gone

…and just because we’ve lost a dream
Does not mean we should quit
Or if our eye has lost its gleam
Does not mean this is it

Maybe, when you think I’m not the same
As I was when we were young
And you’re thinking somehow you’re to blame
Well, maybe you are wrong

Maybe life molds and refines
In hands we would not choose
And we don’t understand sometimes
The methods God will use…

Maybe you saw a tear and thought I was sad…
When I heard that song
Maybe you thought it was you, my dear
…maybe you were wrong


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