Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Way of Life

…like the child that still I see
Lingering on astringent air
Where once she wandered fancy-free
With no thought of woe or care
…you disappear

I had thought perhaps this time
It might have seemed that you would stay
Too reluctant yet to climb
Into the blue vault far away
…and disappear

I want not to covet it
The pleasure that you bring to me
But oh, I do, a little bit
Won’t you stay and sing to me
…before you disappear?

The garden shows the traces now
Of quickened step and purple sigh
The sun-flower and the wheat-fields bow
Beneath the murmur of the sky
…and then they disappear

Once I held you close to me
Kissed your soft and velvet cheek
But like the child of yesterday
Life has gardens yet to seek
…and so you disappear

The wave dissolves upon the sand
The shadow melts into the air
I reach out to touch your hand
And caress you with a prayer
...as you disappear


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