Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Whisper of starlight falls from the sky
Oh, what a beautiful lullaby
We sit together, she and I
As the night falls low to the earth
Once I could hold her and rock her to sleep
Pray for the angels a close guard to keep
Now we simply watch the midnight grow deep
Spawning the new day’s birth

Dazzling splendor, pristine perfection
Silence renders the air of reflection
Daughter and mother share wordless affection
Contented smile on their lips
We lie on our backs to ponder the skies
The words we lack are expressed in soft sighs
Night bestows its own paradise
Complete with dill pickle chips…


Tonight Melissa couldn’t sleep so I suggested she sit on the deck for a little while…
I couldn’t resist joining her…and she and I, being ‘cut from the same fabric’
Drank in the perfection of an August hush with very few words…all was quiet except for the crunch of dill pickle chips…(they are her favorite so I decided to surprise her with a midnight snack.)

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