Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rushing to Oblivion

Like impatient waters rushing
oblivious to the delicate fronds
lining the shore
Or like a flock of wild geese rising
suddenly from the neighboring pond
in a muffled whir
the wind herds moments
gently, yet firmly before it
like a scolding mother
gathering her children
for a bedtime story
…an hour together
beneath the deepening sky
before it is gone forever



  1. I love seeing your words through my mind's eye. This one definitely has an autumn 'air' about it... simply beautiful.

  2. Thank-you Megan,
    There is no getting around it...it's hangs heavily just beyond our eyes...

  3. This is lovely. You make we look forward to twilight, even though my bedtime stories are long past.


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