Monday, August 29, 2011

Poet' Curse

This must be the poet's curse
and I'm not sure which one is worse...
A pen without inspiration...
...or inspiration without a pen


I had one of those days today...
...a lot of work! and that's when inspiration hits!!!
when I'm elbow deep in
canning or kids stuff or heavy muddy feet in the garden.., you know? then
I have the most sudden and tantalizing flashes of
inspiration! Do I remember them when my hands or feet are all clean and dry???

I penned this little ditty a few years ago when I
was frustrated by this...curse.


  1. glad to know that I'm not the only one that suffers this curse :) that's why I took a break. and I am not sure which is worse, a pen without inspiration or vise versa. I started leaving a pen and paper on the treadmill now and in the bathroom. lol!

    hope you are well!

  2. Hi Hope,

    Nice to hear from you and see you back! Sometimes word challenges help spark something...all I need is a ton of work and no access to a pen. I laughed...only a poet understands the random placement of pen and...toilet paper???:)

    Take care. Good to see.
    I enjoyed you Kiss poem today.


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