Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Out with the Gold, in with the Blue

Darling, wrap me in your cloak of moody blue today
I hear the words you spoke pour from skies tumbled and gray
There’s an essence in cool blue that warm gold cannot acquire
Stirring in me, thoughts of you, and longing and desire…

Darling, some prefer the sky of sun and azure blue
Flawless, perhaps save for a straggling billowy cloud or two
But there’ something ‘bout your glowering scowl that stirs the want in me
As your sullen fury howls across the field and sea

Darling, hold me in your touch of blue and stormy passion
Don’t withhold your gaze from me, undo me with an ocean
Pouring from the lowered hem of gray and misty blue
Soon sun’s gold will flower again…and steal my want of you

Darling, there’s a kindred spirit pouring from the sky
Rushing through me as I hear it; a song, a moan, a sigh
Darling, I'm comfortable in your arms of moody blue today
Your tears are soft, your breath is warm, you are not far away…

Janet Martin

I can’t help it…
I love rainy days.

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