Thursday, August 25, 2011

Never Too Far

On nights like tonight, I must confess
You feel too far from me
As the hush of midnight strums the tress
Of rain-laden willow tree
And the darkness leans heavy and wet
Against the wooded rill
Obliterating the silhouette
Of tree or distant hill

On nights like tonight I hear your laughter
Waft on the fluid air
I feel the richness of its timbre
Soft and warm against my hair
And I wonder if you’re sleeping
Or perhaps under the power
Of a muse that is keeping
You awake in midnight’s hour

On nights like tonight, the curve of thought
Will not obey command
Conflict is a mortal lot
The heart unlike my hand
Which moves as I allow it
But somehow I find
It is much harder
To discipline the mind

On nights like tonight you wash over me
And I do not resist
Unlike a wave upon the sea
You hover in the mist
And I reach out to touch you
Trace the still and dampened air
Across distance I love you
And touch you with prayer


A friend, according to miles, far, far away
Asked me tonight if I would pray
And I was so thankful to know miles and air
Can never out-distance the touch of a prayer.

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