Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Favorite Summer Porch (re-post)

It rests ‘neath the cry of the hovering gull

It cradles the sigh of the noon-day lull

It stretches for miles as a welcome retreat

A planet of smiles and sandy feet

And the waves roll across its tempered floor

For the porch I love most is the summer sea-shore

There is no blue-bell climbing at my side

But there is the swell of the ceaseless tide

And there are no steps of wood or cement

But sand is kinder and where I am content

The wind sweeps across this endless floor

Oh, the porch I love most is a summer sea-shore

No telephone ringing, simply a breeze

And the rhythmic singing of the turquoise seas

No duty waiting, no chores to be done

But simply the beckoning of sand, sea and sun

Of all the grand porches this earth may boast

The porch on the sea-shore is the one I love most



  1. Oh my! Thank you for re-posting this one... I LOVE it :) I can see the sand and smell the salty ocean breeze...

    We used to vacation on the Outer Banks, North Carolina. This poem brings back memories..

  2. Some day I dream of seeing North Carolina...p-s-s-st it's on my 'bucket-list;)

  3. J~

    You know how much I love the ocean. You also know I was born and raised in the town actually called "Carolina Beach", N.C. and lived there until I was almost a teenager. This poem reminds me of it!

  4. :) Hi...Thank-you...Guess you'll need to take me on the grand tour some day;)


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