Friday, August 19, 2011

Misconseption about Angels...

So, you say angels have wings and white garments
They float like a cloud on a breeze
Some are invisible and some shine but aren’t
You missing the obvious, please
‘Cause I’ve seen an angel and she wasn’t flying
Though she makes me wish that I could
But now that I’ve seen her there’s just no denying
That God smiled and said, it is good

This angel has blue eyes and blonde hair a-streaming
As ‘cross the spring garden she prances
The sun on her cheek kisses smiles that are gleaming
And still, with arms wide she dances
Faster and faster and around and around
Til all of creation is swirling
Then, chorus of laughter, she falls to the ground
Looking up to see the sky twirling

This angel has kisses of dirt on her elbows
And band-aids on both of her knees
She sings to the elfins that peek from the shadows
Her song like a soft spring breeze
In pink flannel PJ’s, with warm hugs and kisses
And eyes squeezed closed real tight
I beheld oh joy, what the absent mind misses
This angel telling God good-night…..
….then just to make sure lest I was mistaken
I returned for another peep
And there they were eight years old and fourteen
Two angels fast asleep


I thought I wrote this one , not THAT long ago...
the angel who was fourteen is turning seventeen on Monday...

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