Monday, August 15, 2011


It’s not perfect
Darling, yes, I know
We could point out endless flaws…
…and we have, a time or two
I don’t know what 'they' call it
Those experts with degrees
But we call it love
Now, don’t we?

It’s not very fancy
And it sure isn’t cool
But we are in it for the long run
Love can be so cruel
If we relinquish tenderness
Appeasing selfish words
But we still call it love, dear
Even when it hurts

Seems these days nobody knows
Its meaning or its worth
Trading it like any other
Commodity of earth
Darling, love’s a beauty
But it takes another form
Beyond the call of duty
It’s a shoulder in life’s storm

…and when the war of words has stilled
And all that yet remains
Is a pair of stubborn wills
And self-inflicted pain
Love reaches to the other
There is nothing left to prove…
But to forgive and love forever
Oh darling…this is love


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