Monday, August 15, 2011

Just Looking...

‘May I help you?’ she politely asked
‘Is there anything you can’t find?’
And I smiled a little wryly
Glad she couldn’t read my mind
As I replied ‘No thank-you’
As politely as could be
‘I really am just looking…
Just looking, yes, that’s me…

Just looking at your strong physique
And wishing I was young
Your mannerism, suave and sleek
Assurance on your tongue
A natural bounce with every stride
Your smile, a pleasant glow
Youth brimming up from the inside
…and you don’t even know…

New goals draw you from your sleep
Dreams sparkle in your eye
Reality will never keep
A dream from passing by
Life spreads out before you
In a thousand different ways
And you don’t even think about
The swift passing of days…

‘May I help you?’ she politely asked
I shook my head and smiled…
Funny…at her age I was all grown up
But she is still a child…
‘No, perhaps another day’
I quelled a wistful sigh
There are things we might wish for
But money cannot buy…


‘To everything there is a time and a season…’

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