Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's A Rainy Day in August

It's a song of comforting melancholy
Washing the earth with a silver sea
Wind and rain in perfect harmony
A rainy day in August


I wish I knew how to up-load the video here.
For some reason I cannot get it to work on this blog!
It was a song of pure exhilaration...but these pics will have to do:)


  1. Your words with the photos do this very well. I remember August rains spent on a family cottage porch overlooking lake Huron from this. Thank you

  2. There's something about watching the rain from a porch that is hard to beat. We had a porch when I was a child where we could watch the rain. Our house has no covered porches now so maybe that's why I remember so fondly...

    Thank-you so much for your words.


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