Monday, August 15, 2011


I never need to summon you
You are always near
Leaning on my heart of hearts
Or whispering in my ear

It seems that I cannot control
When or where you’ll be
Do you torment or console
Me with your memory

The sparkle of light, the shadow of grief
Are deeply intertwined
And darling,there is no reprieve
From the shades of the heart or mind



  1. I just have to say I love the images on here... this one you took of the light sparkling on the ocean is beautiful! I haven't been to the ocean for several years ~ seeing your pictures and reading your poetry makes me want to start planning a trip back!

    Hope you have a great day Janet!

  2. Hi Megan, Thank-you for noticing this picture:) I loved the time of day when the sunlight was caught on the water...around five p.m. It danced and sparkled and then moved closer to the horizon. We actually were not at the ocean, though when we go to Sauble Beach it sort of feels like it. Here is southern Ontario we are blessed to be near to some of the world's best fresh water beaches.Sauble Beach on Lake Huron is known to be one of them. I wish I could picture Ohio. I've never been there but I think it is a lot like Ontario. My husband drives to Ohio a lot at certain times of the year, but I am at a stage in life where I am not able to ride along just yet...maybe some day. One of my favorite places in the world is a seashore. I'm going to post a poem I wrote last year when we came back from vacation, okay?

  3. Wow Janet, it looked as though you were at the ocean... beautiful beach and water. From seeing your pictures, I can tell the landscape out your window is very similar to mine here in central Ohio :) Although... Ohio has many different landscapes... my in-laws live in northwestern Ohio, and it is completely flat... there are deep man-made ditches alongside the roads big enough to swallow a car whole (scary in winter)! The foothills of the Appalachian Mts are in southeastern Ohio, so there are tree-covered hills everywhere. I went to nursing school in Nelsonville, which is down there... always enjoyed the drive. The scenery was beautiful, especially in fall and winter...


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