Monday, August 1, 2011


I could no more walk away from you
Than the meadow could walk from the kiss of the dew
Or the sun could escape the azure sky
Or the blue could fade from your tender eye

I could no more escape your trance
Than the willow its shadows that flicker and dance
Or the still of the midnight, its low, drawn-out breath
Or the dawn the light as it floods the earth

Oh my love, I could no more separate from you
Than the wave could diverge from the ocean so blue
Or the warmth from your skin or the sigh from your lips
Or the longing that bleeds from love’s finger-tips

I could no more walk away from you
Than the season can flee its predestined avenue
For somehow, my love, like an invisible sea
You seem to fill every niche in me

The ivy to the wall, the root to the tree
The rise to the fall, the river to the sea
The grass to the field, the eye to the tear
So it is with love, my dear

I could no more walk away from you
Than one day could be divided into two...
Inseparable components never to part
For you are in every beat of my heart


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