Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Taking Charge...

Sharp half-breath stops me in mid-step
I feel a slight trembling deep in the earth
Suddenly the air is a mixture of blue
And laughter and longing and you…

I’ve looked at this picture…how oft, I can’t tell
I know every curve, every line so well
Yet, still you can stop me as I’m passing by
Still I get caught in the spell of your eye…

You stare at me now from a twenty inch screen
But I am no girl of seventeen
And life has taught me a lesson or two
In spite of what pictures and memories can do…

Love does not envy, it does not keep score
And though I still love you like never before
The sea wipes away footprints as the hand does a tear...
A click of a key… and you disappear…



  1. Enjoyed. I especially love the ending

  2. Anthony, I'm sure you know, as an artist that we tend paint/write in colors and tones of nostalgia and longing oft-times:)...but life is lived in the present, not the past
    and as we mature we appreciate the sadness of longing in the moment of living. Thank-you for your comment and kind words.


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