Monday, August 29, 2011

If You Were to Stay...

I would wrap my arms softly around you
Spread my body o’er your fragrant dust
To cover you with sanguine summer-lust
And drink your sparkling wine of morning dew

I would slow-dance in the smoothness of your dark
Linger in your sultry, sullen arms
Victim of your mad and moody charms
Hypnotized by one faint glimm’ring spark

I would wander through your royal palace
Decked with roses; guarded by golden-rod
Built by none other than Holy God
I’d sip your tears from heaven’s purest chalice

Seduce me with your languid pantomime
I would not resist you if you tried
Lay me down where purple blooms reside
And lavish me with melodies sublime

Is there any ear to hear my pleas?
Will you dry the tear upon my cheek?
You kiss my lips, stealing the words I speak
And carry them away on Augusts’ breeze

Janet Martin~

I was lying on the deck soaking up the intense heat that comes
just before a billowy cloud-bank covers the sun and it hit me...
I don't want August to leave yet!


  1. I doubt that many have written an ode to August. As long and hot as it has been, you have me wishing it would last longer. This is one of those very special poems.

  2. In southern Ontario our hot months are never long enough (for me:)I think I have written more poems for August than any other month. I LOVE the drone of an August noon
    The mist of its early dawn I love the midnight beneath its moon and the longing its leaving spawns...
    I love the tear that it draws to my eye
    A lover that leaves without saying 'good-bye'...

  3. Now you're just showing off.

    August heat lights more than fire,
    it imbues both rage and ire.
    When tempers are again on low,
    wrath will cool in blowing snow.

    August from a cop's point of view.

  4. Too funny!! Now look who's showing off:)

  5. now you are both showing off! Keep doing it, please. Wonderful words...


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