Monday, August 22, 2011

If You Thought I Loved You Then...

If you thought I loved you as a baby
With your little twinkle-nose
If I thought you were precious then,
Down to your teeny, baby toes
If you thought, as I would whisper
Softest kisses on your brow
If you thought I loved you then, dear
Oh, I love you more right now

If you thought, as I watched you growing
With your sweet and cautious smile
And your chitter-chatter flowing
And your hair crazy and wild
If you thought I loved you then, dear
That little girl in days of yore
I would like to tell you, daughter
That today I love you more

Love is a strange, mysterious blessing
Worthless 'til it's given away
And it grows as we keep giving
With each swiftly passing day
I didn’t know that it was possible
As I held you long ago
To feel love’s wondrous miracle
Just grow and grow…and grow and grow…

We love you,
Happy 17th, Mel


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