Wednesday, August 17, 2011

If I Had Known...#6

If I had known
How much
The *('etc's' really do matter)
I would have taken note of them
and I would have cared...

If I had known
How soon
Little birds fly from the nest
I would have relaxed and added
To the moments we shared

If I had known
How the word 'mother'
Would change me
...and fulfill me
and over-whelm me
and complete me
I would have run... scared

We become 'mother'
completely unprepared...
If I had known all the answers
I wouldn't need to learn
Through my mistakes
I would be spared
Countless heart-ache

If I had known...
Really, truly known
How much He cares
I would have trusted completely
In all my prayers...


*that is not my line....
It is taken from another poem:)
by another author...anonymous~

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