Wednesday, August 17, 2011

If I Had Known...#3

If I had known that you heard
The careless words that I let slip
I would tried to bite my tongue
Or placed a hand upon my lip

If I had known as I shook your hand
That this would be the final time
I would have tried to remember
How your hand felt, holding mine

If I had known the words we spoke
Would be the words by which we part
I would have cherished them much more
And tucked them deep within my heart


Yes, it’s true…I’m having a little fun with this phrase today…
It puts a little ‘flavor’ into tedious canning tasks…now you know!

A while ago I had some fun with the word combination ‘There is…’
And there is so much…or is it 'there are so many'…avenues the words ‘if I had known,
Could take…

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