Friday, August 5, 2011

How I Love You...

The way I love you
Will be with tender care
I will touch you softly in a thought
…or in a prayer
And every little thing I do
For you will be with pleasure
Because, my dear, I do love you
Without limitation or measure
…and I will miss you in the same way
When you are not here
Love does not change when you’re far away
It’s just that way, my dear
And I will do the best I can
To show my love for you
Because when all is said and done
It’s all that I can do

But I will not obsess or possess, my dear
For that could never be love
And it would become a burden, I fear
Instead of a gift from above
For love sets us free; it does not bind or control
And love is a splendid thing
Darling, I love you with body and soul
And for you, I would do anything
…except build a shrine in honor of you
Or worship the steps you take
I do not want to idolize you
But simply to love you always
Forever and ever, faithful and true
This, my dear, is how I love you


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