Friday, August 5, 2011

How Do I Love Thee...

How do I love thee….?
Let me count the ways
I love thee as thy little voice
Lifts high in songs of praise
Or as the winds of heaven
Run their fingers through your hair
Or as your eyes close tightly
In the moment of a prayer
I love those little fingers
Capable of doing much
I pray ‘God keep from evil
As they feel and learn and touch
I love the way your somber face
Absorbs realization
And bursts into happy smiles
When comes the comprehension
I love those bare toes in the sand
As they run and dance
I love to hold your little hand…
…it gives me confidence
I love those lips that whisper
Soft ‘I love you’s’ in my ear
Or as they quiver; tremble
Fighting disappointed tears
I love thee as you snuggle
Close to me with warm affection
I love thee as you dash away
With out plan or direction
I love your rough-and-tumble heart
Your kind and precious soul
I love you for you are the part
Of me, that makes me whole…


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