Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hints of Departure...

Some day I will leave you
But not yet
Maybe it’s a shade of blue
Or something that you said
That keeps me coming back to you
When I should leave instead…

Some day you will leave me
But oh, not today
Like a wave upon a sea
You will fade away
There are still too many things
That I should like to say

I should have called you summer
You come to leave
Ecstasy with a haunting ache
Tearing inside of me
Momentary sparkle
Of sunlight on the sea

Some day we will part
But not yet
It seems you took my heart
The day we met
And without you I fear
I would be dead…

Wrap me closer to you
In your fateful shroud
I see the Autumn creeping
Upon the purple cloud
But I hear your heart beating
In love out loud...


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