Saturday, August 6, 2011


My ideas are done…
I gaze in awe at the setting sun
Like faded tigers sprawled across the west
I slip my plan to He who knows me best

Life can suck the dreamer dry
I had a bit of dream once, in my eye
Beat the drum low, with gathered brow
Dreams are the ire of dust, ya’ know…

But He who plants the hills with ore
And paints His art across earth’s shore
His way is perfect, pure and just
He sees our dreams slather the dust

His art now tints nut tree and moss
They glow with crimson, like the Cross
Where we can rid ourselves of guilt
Because of perfect blood He spilt…

His way is upright and astute
It bends the will of iron or jute
I grasp His love in humble daze
A gnat cannot escape His gaze

The ova of the devil’s hex
Seeks to torment me and vex
Me with the seeding of a lie
Good and evil seem to vie…

…for fruit upon my trembling lips
Can a thistle tree bear figs?
Clouds of dark fore-boding zoom
To sic their evil lies of doom

But then I lift my tortured eyes
To the Painter of the skies
His glory bathes a sin-cursed land
The Healer stretches forth His Hand…


Our Writer’s Unite’ group scrabble challenge…after the game was completed we were asked to use all the words in a piece of writing…All entries will be posted on the Writer’s Unite Blog.
Below is the list of words from our game
1. faded
2. awe
3. daze
4. zoom
5. my
6. done
7. ideas
8. hex
9. slip
10. figs
11. vie
12. slather
13. it
14. healer
15. seeding
16. rid
17. bit
18. beat
19. tigers
20. sic
21. ire
22. plan
23. just
24. jute
25. ore
26. to
27. moss
28. ova
29. ya
30. suck
31. know
32. brow
33. gnat
34. art
35. nut

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