Sunday, August 14, 2011

From the End of the Dock...

A profusion of misfit clouds
Lay scattered on the sky
The sun, a crimson banner
Melts into a sigh
Waves, deep blue at high noon
Dissolve beneath the sheen
Of sinking day and full moon
And whispering evergreen

In the distance a lone sailboat
Fights the bending of the sea
Until it fades into the dusk
…I watch in empathy
As Time slips to the horizon
You slip farther away
Adding to its distance
Another yesterday…



  1. Enjoyed. Partly it is the memory of a dock with a similar view, that over time has begun to slip too.

  2. Anthony, one can do a lot of thinking from the end of a dock:)huh?

    Thank-you for your words.


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