Monday, August 15, 2011

Breathless with Anticipation...

I love you, oh, I love you
You’re in everything I do…
I’m counting all the minutes
Until I’m alone with you

You center every breath I take
My heart races in delight
Because I know that I will be
Alone with you tonight…

There is no anticipation
That can compare to this
I tremble with elation
At the thought of your caress

I think of all the little things
That I should like to tell
And try to imagine all the words
You’ll say to me as well

Too long the dismal hours
Betwixt the now and then
Oh, and I can hardly wait
Until we are alone

There’s nothing in the whole wide world
That I would rather do
Than lean upon your shoulder
And be alone with you...

...with nothing to distract me
From my time alone with you….
Oh God, you see the heart of me…
…oh God, I wish this was true
Oh God, I wish this was true


How do we look forward to
Our time with Him?

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