Thursday, August 25, 2011

As Summer Bows its Head...

As summer hangs
Its pensive head
With all its fragrant
Petals shed
As cow-slip falls
Into the brook
And violet fades
From shaded nook
As jonquil weeps
Its golden tear
Against white jasmine’s
Lily ear
As fair wild rose
And anemone
Lie withered on
The cold, gray stone
As wanton breezes
Strip the vine
Of clematis
And columbine
As muted purple
And golden rod
Lay their glory
On the sod
As every flower
On earth’s shore
Buds, then blooms
And is no more
So too is this
Wee life of man
We ought to bloom
While still we can



  1. Oh, loved this one! I've taken so many pictures of my garden this year to better appreciate them... we can so easily take for granted all the beautiful blooms, and then they're just gone... and we find ourselves longing in the middle of winter for spring flowers again... same as in our own lives..

  2. Thank-you Megan. I always become pensive in late August:) The slipping away of another summer begins.

    Don't you find a lot of parables in nature? esp. gardening... I too, take lots of pictures to look at in the dead of winter. I also video-tape the lake so I can listen to it whenever I please...the kids laugh at me:))

  3. I look at lots of gardening books and magazines in January, February, and March. I think I'll appreciate all the pictures I took this spring/summer probably more then than now. It'll give me something to look forward to after I'm sick of snow & ice! ...My brother & I used to make fun of Dad for videotaping his gardens, the sky, trees, etc. but now I understand why he did it, and enjoy seeing that too (some things never change, my brother still doesn't get it!) :)

  4. When they laugh I smile...and hope I live long enough to hear them say...'now I know why you did....':)

  5. Janet, I must say I love this one too. Summers flowers fade too fast ,.As I read it I'm thinking this is a classic. :)

  6. Hi L~ :) Thank-you...this was one of those poems that rolled off my fingers faster than I could type...I just sorta closed my eyes and breathed it...I know you know what I'm feeling.

  7. ...L~ I also know will LOVE Megan's latest post!

  8. Janet, when you become pensive, you do it with style. This is lovely. Perfect iambic meter, delicate rhymes, smooth flow and beautiful subject. Now I'm going to have to spend all this time reading more . . . well, that part looks like it will be a pleasure.

  9. Thank-you so much for your kind words, Mike.


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