Monday, August 22, 2011

The Allure of You...

I hear your stealthy footsteps
In the rustling of the corn
In breezes tumbling ‘cross the grass
Exotic, then forlorn

Traces of your amber kiss
Gleam on the verdant limb
Where recently a warm caress
Inspired summer’s hymn

The aster wears a cheery smile
The sunflower flaunts her gold
But even they cannot beguile
Your tactics, sure and bold

You ride with sassy chill upon
The cusp of sun-beam’s dance
Or in the quiet afternoon
I feel your subtle glance

Reluctantly I’m drawn into
Your blue and taunting charm
Rebelliously I still cling to
Summer’s waning arm

You fill me with a wild, sweet hurt
Of tender wantonness
My thoughts like petals glaze the dirt
In pleading hopefulness

But I cannot sway your advance
Or change your mind at all
You lure this summer heart to dance
With the harbinger of fall


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